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Shelly's House, Inc.

A special message from our Chair of the Board of Directors of Shelly's House:

During my 25 years of work with women offenders as Correctional Officer up through the ranks to Superintendent of Oregon Women’s Correctional Center, I heard many stories. Among the saddest were the stories of failure told by women returning to prison after having left full of hope for a better future for themselves and their children. The consistent theme of these stories was that when faced with the challenges of maintaining a crime-free lifestyle, it was impossible to succeed without having a safe, affordable, substance-free place to live. Without a place to go, most offenders return to where they were before being incarcerated, to the same friends, the same family members, the same toxic environment that contributed to their initial incarceration.

For the last 15 years, I have volunteered as Board Chair of Shelly's House, Inc. Shelly's House operates Shelly’s House as a multi-faceted community resource providing safe, affordable, substance-free transitional housing for women offenders striving to shed that label and lifestyle. In providing a range of services through a wrap-around individualized service model, Shelly's House offers hope to these women. It is my belief that everyone wants to live well without causing harm to themselves, their family or their community. I continue to volunteer in the hope that the women who transition through Shelly’s House will have stories of success. I remain committed to offering women offenders in Marion County a safe place to live while successfully transitioning to an independent, substance-free and crime-free lifestyle.

Sonia E. Hoyt
Chair, Board of Directors
Shelly's House, Inc.