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Success Stories

Here are some success stories shared by current and past residents of Shelly’s House ...

For me, Shelly’s House has provided structure and stability and has given me the opportunity to strive for better. Being monitored in my recovery efforts is essential, as is learning to build healthy relationships in my life. Living in community with women who are all striving toward the same goals, and struggling with the same temptations provides tremendous support. — T.R.

Shelly’s House has been a miracle in my life. It has given me a safe place to grow and change and to help others grow and change. Without Shelly’s House, I know I wouldn’t have been given this change or the environment to learn how to spread my wings and fly. — T.W.

I’m so lucky to be living at Shelly’s House. I’ve been given a chance to live my life in a way I never thought possible. I have structure. I’m learning to make better choices, and I have the opportunity to grow into the person I always wanted to be. — C.H.

I came to Shelly’s House broken 16 months ago. Now I fell like a whole person, and life is better than ever.

Shelly’s House gave me a second chance after relapsing and being incarcerated.

Shelly’s House has a structured environment and has been real helpful for me in many ways. I can be happy not using drugs. I enjoy my family and my grandchildren. It’s helping me so much to have a good life.

This place is called Shelly’s House. I call it Shelly’s Home. I never thought it possible to discover a place that could accept me as I was, and not only show me a path to a different way of life, but light the way when I was lost in my own darkness. This is a place of discovery, growth, and encouragement, where I’m surrounded by care and understanding.