Shelly's House


    Upon entry, all occupants are placed within the house. The house is a communal living environment typically consisting of 5 to 8 women. There are communal bathrooms/ showers, kitchen, and living spaces. Occupants are expected to:

    Once an occupant has resided at Shelly’s House long enough to demonstrate the ability to be self-supporting, our model provides transition for two women at a time into our onsite apartment facilities. Each apartment is occupied by two occupants at a time, and communal living rules continue to apply. Minimum requirements to transition to apartments include:

    All placement is subject to organizational needs and is subject to organizational approval. Shelly’s House is an alcohol and drug-free living environment. All occupants are required to pass periodic, random urine analysis and sustain abstinence from alcohol and drug substances. All occupants must actively participate in treatment plans and recovery-based activities. All occupants must refrainfrom engaging in criminal activity. All occupants are required to follow all rules and maintain a clean and healthy living environment.

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